Page 226. " Asperger's U "

Asperger's syndrome is a type of autism characterised by (amongst other things) social isolation and eccentric behaviour during the early years. Those with Aspergers often display obsessive levels of interest in a particular hobby and high intelligence levels.

Page 232. " They took Jimmy's iris imprints "

Much of the technology used in Oryx and Crake's futuristic world already exists. Iris recognition uses high resolution images of the iris to identify a person.

PIER (Portable Iris Enrollment and Recognition) In Use
Public DomainPIER (Portable Iris Enrollment and Recognition) In Use - Credit: United States Marine Corps
Page 235. " spoat/gider "

Spider goats were created by Nexia Biotecnologies, and the product created from the goats' milk was named Biosteel.

Page 237. " Kirilian-energy-sensing algae "

 Kirilian photography was accidently discovered by Seymon Kirilian in 1939. He found that if an object is placed on a photographic plate and connected to a high voltage power source, an image is produced on the plate.

Kirlian photography of a hand
GNU Free Documentation LicenseKirlian photography of a hand - Credit: C4r0
Page 237. " with a laugh like Woody Woodpecker "

Woody Woodpecker was a cartoon character from the Walter Lantz animation studio who was famous for his laugh.

Page 238. " Picture the sea anenome body plan "

Sea anenomes are water-dwelling predatory animals, with a column-like body and a single opening used to ingest food and expel wastes.

Sea Anenome Line Drawing
Public DomainSea Anenome Line Drawing - Credit: Pearson Scott Foresman



Page 246. " pygmy or bonobo chimpanzee "

Bonobo Chimpanzee
Public DomainBonobo Chimpanzee - Credit: US AID
The Bonobo Chimpanzee is the less common of the two species of Chimpanzee, and is found only in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Its physical characteristics and posture are closer to humans than the Common Chimpanzee, which has more pronounced brow ridges and shorter legs.

The Bonobo is listed as endangered.