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God's Gardeners constitute a religious movement invented by Atwood. More of their story is told in her 2009 novel The Year of the Flood.

God's Gardeners are dedicated to preserving all of plant and animal life, and are led by a man named Adam One.

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Baygen Wind Up Radio
GNU Free Documentation LicenseBaygen Wind Up Radio - Credit: J D Pfaff

In 1993, inventor and former stuntman Trevor Baylis was watching a programme about the spread of AIDS in Africa, which pointed to the need for better mass communication.  Radio was the most common form of mass communication, yet electricity and batteries were not always available in many parts of the continent.  So Trevor took to his workshop and invented the windup radio, powered by turning a crank.

In 1996, the radio was awarded the BBC Design Award for Best Product and Best Design.


How Windup Radios Work

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CB Radio stands for Citizen's Band Radio, and is used in many countries as a method of communication between individuals.