Page 345. " What about the cryogenics guys? "

Cryonics Institute
GNU Free Documentation LicenseCryonics Institute - Credit: Ben Best
 Cryonics is the use of low temperatures to preserve humans or animals for resuscitation in the future. Cryopreservation is most popular amongst wealthy people with currently incurable conditions.  The technology to reverse the cryopreservation process is not yet available.

American Cryonics Society

Cryogenics is the study of very low temperatures and the how they affect materials.

Page 345. " The proper study of Mankind is Man "

Alexander Pope oil on canvas portrait by Jean Baptiste van Loo, ca 1742
Public DomainAlexander Pope oil on canvas portrait by Jean Baptiste van Loo, ca 1742
A quote from eighteenth century poet Alexander Pope's An Essay on Man.

Page 350. " made of a new mussel adhesive "

Blue Mussel
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeBlue Mussel - Credit: Andreas Trepte
Studies have shown that the proteins secreted by mussels could be used to create a natural superglue. Bioadhesives, natural substances with adhesive properties such as starch or gelatin, are of particular interest because of their biocompatibility.  They can be used on human tissue without deleterious side effects, and could have applications ranging from medical procedures to attaching false eyelashes.

Mussel adhesives, having evolved in water, are also being tested for use in marine applications such as waterproofing ships.

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