Page 352. " Allies invited a lot of German rocket scientists to come and work with them "

39 German-born Scientists being sworn in as US Citizens
Public Domain39 German-born Scientists being sworn in as US Citizens - Credit: US Army
During and after World War 2, US military and intelligence services recruited a number of German scientists as part of Operation Paperclip.

One of the purposes of the project was to prevent Russian scientists benefiting from the Germans' knowledge in the coming Cold War.

Page 356. " these people are sui generis "

Sui generis is a Latin expression meaning of its own genus or unique in its characteristics.

In biology, the term means a species is alone in a genus designated specifically for it.  In other words, it has no close relatives.

Page 365. " her name tag: ORYX BEISA "
East African Oryx
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeEast African Oryx - Credit: ChrisHodgesUK

The East African Oryx (Oryx Beisa) lives in semi-desert habitats and can survive sustained periods without water.

It is not currently classified as endangered, but rather as "near threatened".

Page 373. " wearing some sort of kimono "

Traditional Kimono worn in Japan
GNU Free Documentation LicenseTraditional Kimono worn in Japan - Credit: Carla Antonini
The  kimono is a traditional unisex garment worn in Japan.