Page 91. " Tour d'Argent "
Tour d'Argent
GNU Free Documentation LicenseTour d'Argent - Credit: Davequ

 La Tour d'Argent (the Silver Tower) is a Parisian restaurant. It has been in operation since 1582, and is rumoured to have been a haunt of Henri IV. Its famous wine cellar contains no fewer than 450,000 bottles and is guarded 24 hours a day.

Page 99. " southern exposures of Liguria's slopes and on the heights of the Lubéron "

Liguria is a coastal region in north-west Italy. It is noted for the natural beauty of its beaches and small towns. It lies between the Mediterranean, the Alps and Appenine Mountains, hence the slopes.


The Luberon is a mountain mass (or massif) with a maximum altitude of 1, 256m. It is made up of three mountain ranges: the Little Luberon, the Big Luberon and the Oriental Luberon.


View of Big Luberon
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeView of Big Luberon - Credit: Ampon