Page 101. " Cévennes "
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeCévennes - Credit: Serge Bibauw

The Cévennes is a mountain range in south-central France, part of the Massif Central. The highest point is Mont Lozère at 1,702 m.

Page 101. " daughter of a Huguenot in the Estérel "
Red rocks of Esterel
GNU Free Documentation LicenseRed rocks of Esterel - Credit: Jddmano

 Huguenots were known as French Calvinists from the 16th to 18th centuries. Since then, they have been commonly known as French Protestants. By the close of the 17th century, around 200,000 of them had been driven from Catholic France in religious persecution drives.

The Esterel Massif is a mountain range in Provence, south-east France. The terrain is characterised by red, volcanic rock, ravines and vast oak forests.


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Page 111. " Constantinople, where God knows they already had enough scents of their own "

Constantinople was the imperial capital of the Byzantine or Eastern Roman Empire. It was the biggest and wealthiest city in the world throughout much of the Middle Ages. In art, technology and culture, for a good thousand years, it was peerless. It was renamed Istanbul in 1930.


Page 115. " Palais de Parlement "
Palais de Justice 1858
Public DomainPalais de Justice 1858

The Palais de Justice was the seat of the Parlement de Paris until the Revolution. The  conciergerie, the prison where Marie Antoinette was held before being guillotined, is in the Palais, and is now a museum.

Page 123. " Massif Central "

The Massif Central is a region of France consisting of mountains and plateaus. It is separated from the Alps by the Rhône River. The Massif Central covers 15 per cent of France.

Massif Central
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeMassif Central - Credit: Technob105