Page 226. " La Napoule "
Chateau de la Napoule
Creative Commons AttributionChateau de la Napoule - Credit: Sebastien Bertrand

 Mandelieu-la-Napoule is an Alpes-Maritimes commune famous for its 14th-century fortress, Chateâu de la Napoule.


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Page 238. " Meanwhile the parade grounds were readied for the execution "

Crucifixion is perhaps one of the most brutal forms of execution. Grenouille is to be nailed to an X-shaped cross (a St. Andrew's Cross, popular today in bondage and S&M circles) and have his legs broken to speed death.

Page 239. " magnetic séances "
Mesmer at a magnetic seance
Public DomainMesmer at a magnetic seance

The concept of magnetic séances was invented by Franz Anton Mesmer, a physician and 'healer'.

Considered the father of modern hypnotism, Mesmer's principle was similar to modern-day 'faith healers', i.e. the laying on of hands. In his opinion, cures were induced through 'magnetic passes' flowing from the healer's hands into the body of the afflicted. His name gave us the verb 'mesmerise'.