Page 228. " He had remained in Shropshire, lamenting the blindness of his own pride, and the blunders of his own calculations "

Of varying and beautiful country, Shropshire in the West Midlands would have been an excellent setting for Captain Wentworth's meditations on his own folly.

Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeShropshire - Credit: Robin Somes
Page 234. " She had something to suffer perhaps when they came into contact again, in seeing Anne restored to the rights of seniority, and the mistress of a very pretty landaulette "

Landaulette carriages were a kind of Regency sports coupe. Compact and stylish, they held half the capacity of a barouche landau (seen here in the photo). 

Creative Commons Attribution Share Alikelandau - Credit: Henry Salome

Anne Wentworth would have been able to travel in style (much to the envy of her younger sister Mary).  Her rights as older sister, and owner of a fashionable vehicle, would have, in a less steady young woman, been heady indeed, but Anne is made of more intelligent stuff.

Page 236. " the dread of a future war all that could dim her sunshine. "


Public DomainNapoleon - Credit: Francois Pascal Simon Gerard


There was another installment of the Napoleonic Wars in her future. Battle broke out once again between the English (part of the Seventh Coalition) and the French in 1815. Of course, Napoleon then met his political end at the Battle of Waterloo.


Battle of Waterloo
Public DomainBattle of Waterloo - Credit: William Sadler

 As it was the army, however, and not the navy most at risk, Anne Elliot's fears would have been somewhat lessened.