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Bath, Somerset

Famed for its stunning examples of neoclassical architecture, Bath was originally a Roman city called Aquae Sulis ('the waters of Sulis').




By the late 18th century, it had become a spa resort for pleasure and health. One went to Bath to 'take the waters', a reference to the famous Roman Baths that were said to improve the health of those who bathed in them or drank from them at the Pump Room.  

Roman Baths
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeRoman Baths - Credit: Lee Jones

Jane Austen lived unhappily in Bath for part of her life (1800-1806); she preferred the countryside, and her stay ended with the death of her father.










 At one point Jane Austen lived in Gay Street, where Admiral and Mrs Croft make their Bath home. The house, number 40, is now the Jane Austen Centre.

Gay Street is near The Circus, famous for its Georgian architecture. The Circus was completed less than fifty years before Jane Austen's Persuasion.


The Circus, Bath
Public DomainThe Circus, Bath - Credit: Arpingstone