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Page 5. " The Darlings had become acquainted with her in Kensington Gardens "


Kensington Gardens
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeKensington Gardens - Credit: Iridescent


Kensington Gardens consists of 275 acres of manicured lawns, trees and flower beds. It is the site of Kensington Palace, home to the late Princess Diana and, now, Prince William and Catherine. The free Diana Memorial Playground is Peter Pan-themed.  Over 750,000 children enjoy the park annually, playing with pirate ships and beaches.

On May 01, 1912, a statue magically appeared in Kensington Gardens. J.M. Barrie placed this statement in The Times:


Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens
Creative Commons AttributionPeter Pan in Kensington Gardens - Credit: Ben Leto
"There is a surprise in store for the children who go to Kensington Gardens to feed the ducks in the Serpentine this morning. Down by the little bay on the south-western side of the tail of the Serpentine they will find a May-day gift by Mr J.M. Barrie, a figure of Peter Pan blowing his pipe on the stump of a tree, with fairies and mice and squirrels all around. It is the work of Sir George Frampton, and the bronze figure of the boy who would never grow up is delightfully conceived."

The Times concluded:

"Men were enraged on Monday and yesterday in placing the work of the sculptor in position behind drawn curtains. These will be removed during the night, and the children will just find Peter Pan there as if he had grown out of the turf on May morning. It was the wish of Mr. Barrie and of Sir George Frampton that there should be no formal unveiling, and the Office of Works fell in with a happy idea."