"My family tried to visit when they could, but it was harder for them to get down to Halifax."


Halifax is a town and county seat of Halifax County, North Carolina. As of 2000, Halifax's population was 344 and it is part of the Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina Micropolitan Statistical Area. The elevation of the town is 125 feet above sea level, and the town has an area of 0.4 square miles. Halifax was the location of the Halifax Resolves, which was a precursor for the Declaration of Independence. Halifax County is a state leader for deer hunting and people from all over the Eastern United States travel there to hunt white-tailed deer. Halifax County is home to the Caledonia Correctional Center, where Ronald Cotton was temporarely housed during his years in prison. Caledonia is a medium security prison and has been in operation since 1892. It is located on a 7,500 acre piece of land that was purchased by the state in 1899. The prison contains a cannery that has the ability to can 500,000 gallons of crops from the prisons farm every year.

Submitted by student author, Daniel Taylor