"Because of "family resons" with the first guy, Mr. Hunter said he was taking over my case, and that I still had another chance at the Supreme Court of North Carolina"

NC Supreme Court

The North Carolina Supreme Court was the first appellate court of North Carolina and was established in 1799. It was renamed the supreme court in 1805, and established as its own entity in 1818. It is the highest level appellate court in North Carolina and its purpose is to review the decions of lower courts in the North Carolina Judicial system. The NC Supreme Court is composed of six associate and one Chief Justice. Justices are appointed to eight year terms, and have no term limits. The first Chief Justice was John Louis Taylor, and the first female Chief Justice, Susie Sharp, was appointed in 1962. The current Chief Justice is Sarah Parker. The court's current seal and motto were adopted in 1975, replacing the old seal and motto from 1805. The NC Supreme Court is located in the Law and Justice Building in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Submitted by student author, Daniel Taylor