"So I took the plea, and spent eighteen months at Polk Youth Center in Raleigh."

Polk Youth Center

Polk Youth Center, located at 1001 Veazy Road in Butner, North Carolina, opened on November 15, 1997. The facility was named after Col. William Polk, an officer in the Revolutionary War, and was built on the grounds of Camp Polk which was a tank base during World War 1. When the facility opened in 1997 with the transfer of inmates, its primary purpose was to focus on young criminals between the ages of 19-21. Later in 2003, due to an increase demand for prison space, Polk Youth Center began to house individuals between the ages of 19-25. In addition to housing young males, the facility is also the home to inmates whom participate in job assignments and other programs. In October 1998, the Polk Youth Center opened its high security maximum control unit. The next big change

Polk Youth Center
Public DomainPolk Youth Center
occurred in 2003 when the facility changed its name from the Polk Youth Center to the Polk Correctional Institution. The facility, under the administration of Lawrence Solomon, currently has an inmate capacity of 1,012, has a staff size of 545, and has a closed custody level.

Submitted by student author, Kristin Karas