"At Memorial Hospital, when I was told to undress, I realized that I was not in my own clothes."

Alamance Memorial Hospital

Alamance Memorial Hospital was one of two major hospitals in Alamance County in the 1980s.  The other major hospital was Alamance County Hospital.  In the 1980s these two hospitals were the main sources of care to people in need.  In 1986, the two hospitals joined together and today have formed the Alamance Regional Medical Center, a vast array of hospitals, doctors’ offices, surgery centers, and other care facilities.

Alamance Regional Medical Center
Creative Commons AttributionAlamance Regional Medical Center

Alamance Regional Medical Center is the home to more than 200 physicians and hospital workers.  The hospital has over 200 hospital beds and 15 operating rooms, and uses state-of-the-art technology to provide the best care possible to its patients. 


Submitted by student authors: Andrew Geddes & Bobby Cope