"My mother was staying at our vacation place, a condo at Grandfather Mountain"

Grandfather Mountain

Grandfather Mountain is a mountain located near Linville, NC and is part of the Blue Ridge Mountain Range.  It is a major tourist attraction and North Carolina State Park.  The mountain was originally named Tanawha by the Cherokee Native Americans, but was later renamed Grandfather Mountain by the pioneers, who saw that the outline of the mountain looked like a grandfather’s face.

  Today the main attraction at the mountain is the Mile High Swinging Bridge, a bridge that that spans two of the mountains peaks and will sway back and forth in windy conditions.  In 2008, Grandfather Mountain was purchased by the state of North Carolina and now operates as a North Carolina State Park.  Physically, the mountain reaches a maximum peak at 5,946 feet.  The mountain has 16 ecological communities and many rivers, streams, wooded areas and rugged hills to house many species of wild animals and plants. 


Submitted by student authors: Andrew Geddes & Bobby Cope