"That at the end of this man’s life, all that could be written about him was that he was an inmate at Central Prison who had died of cancer at UNC-Chapel Hill Hospital."

Originally the North Carolina Memorial Hospital, UNC-Chapel Hill hospital is non-profit teaching hospital organized in 1952 for the University of North Carolina’s medical school.  It is now known as UNC Health Care composed of several other hospitals including the North Carolina Children’s Hospital, North Carolina Women’s Hospital, North Carolina Cancer Hospital, and North Carolina Neurosciences Hospitals.  This 803-bed facility treats patients from all of North Carolina as well as patients from all over the Southeastern United States. The hospital is best known for its Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer center but it is also home to a state of the art Breast Center, Cardiovascular Program, Diabetes Care Center, Lung Center, Rehabilitation Center, Spine Center, Wound Management Program and Comprehensive Transplant Center. 

North Carolina Memorial Hospital
Public DomainNorth Carolina Memorial Hospital - Credit: DP08






Submitted by student authors: Stephanie Wiafe & Rebekah Currie