Page 9. " I used to walk three miles to campus and back every day from my apartment in Burlington. "


Burlington is the 17th largest city in North Carolina with just under 50,000 people.  The city is located in Alamance County and is composed of 57% Caucasians and 28% African Americans.  Burlington is located in the Piedmont Triad Area located just off interstates I-40 and I-85.  This location means that they are only a few hours away from the Blue Ridge and Smokey Mountains to the west and beaches to the east.    Their location also affords an average annual temperature of 61 degrees and annual rainfall of approximately 51 inches.  The weather permits Burlington to experience all four seasons of the year allowing for numerous recreational opportunities.  Burlington is also rich in history; it has places called The Depot, the Burlington Historic District, Dentzel Menagerie Carousel, and Alamance Battleground and Museum. 


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Page 10. " He was in his first year of business school at UNC-Chapel Hill. "

UNC-Chapel Hill

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, founded in 1795, is the nation’s oldest state funded public University.  The University is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, outlining the “Research Triangle” area along with Durham and Raleigh, NC. 

The University of North Carolina is one of the most prestigious Universities in the nation, with most incoming freshman having a GPA of over 4.0. The University consistently ranks in the top 10 in multiple publications best public universities lists.  There are currently around 18,000 undergraduate students with another 10,000 graduate students on campus.  Some of the most popular majors are Biology, Business Administration, Psychology, and Political Science.  The university also houses many Division I sports teams that have won over 37 national championships.  


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Page 20. " At Memorial Hospital, when I was told to undress, I realized that I was not in my own clothes. "

Alamance Memorial Hospital

Alamance Memorial Hospital was one of two major hospitals in Alamance County in the 1980s.  The other major hospital was Alamance County Hospital.  In the 1980s these two hospitals were the main sources of care to people in need.  In 1986, the two hospitals joined together and today have formed the Alamance Regional Medical Center, a vast array of hospitals, doctors’ offices, surgery centers, and other care facilities.

Alamance Regional Medical Center
Creative Commons AttributionAlamance Regional Medical Center

Alamance Regional Medical Center is the home to more than 200 physicians and hospital workers.  The hospital has over 200 hospital beds and 15 operating rooms, and uses state-of-the-art technology to provide the best care possible to its patients. 


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Page 22. " My mother was staying at our vacation place, a condo at Grandfather Mountain "

Grandfather Mountain

Grandfather Mountain is a mountain located near Linville, NC and is part of the Blue Ridge Mountain Range.  It is a major tourist attraction and North Carolina State Park.  The mountain was originally named Tanawha by the Cherokee Native Americans, but was later renamed Grandfather Mountain by the pioneers, who saw that the outline of the mountain looked like a grandfather’s face.

  Today the main attraction at the mountain is the Mile High Swinging Bridge, a bridge that that spans two of the mountains peaks and will sway back and forth in windy conditions.  In 2008, Grandfather Mountain was purchased by the state of North Carolina and now operates as a North Carolina State Park.  Physically, the mountain reaches a maximum peak at 5,946 feet.  The mountain has 16 ecological communities and many rivers, streams, wooded areas and rugged hills to house many species of wild animals and plants. 


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Page 24. " We turned down Roslyn Drive and into the parking lot in front of the Brookwood Garden Apartments "

Brookwood Garden Apartments

Brookwood Garden Apartments
Public DomainBrookwood Garden Apartments

The Brookwood Garden Apartments are a set of townhouses located on Roslyn Drive in Burlington, NC.  They are in close proximity to Elon University. Each apartment averages 800 square feet and most have 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.  The average cost to live at the Brookwood Garden Apartments is $49,000 to make a full purchase of the unit.



Submitted by student authors: Andrew Geddes & Bobby Cope