Page 33. " My older brother, Jim, was already married with his own family, living in Winston-Salem. "


Winston Salem, North Carolina is located in the heart of the state in Forsyth County. Winston-Salem is a member of the triad region with the surrounding cities of Greensboro and High Point. Winston Salem has acquired numerous nicknames over the years such as “Twin City” because of its dual heritage and “City of the Arts” due to Winston-Salem’s involvement in the arts and theatre. However, the city’s most popular nickname is “Camel City” due to their rich history with the tobacco industry. Winston-Salem is also a ground for higher education with the four year universities of Winston-Salem State University, Salem College, University of North Carolina School of the Arts, and Wake Forest University. There is also plenty of entertainment in Winston Salem, ranging from viewing an Art Museum to cheering on the local Minor League baseball team, The Dash. 

Downtown Winston Salem
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeDowntown Winston Salem - Credit: Ron Miguel


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Page 45. " The Burlington district attorney’s office called me to tell me Ronald cotton would have a probable cause hearing on August 28. "

James Roberson was the Assistant District Attorney at the Alamance County District Attorney’s Office at the time of Ronald’s trial. He is currently the Chief District Court Judge in District 15A of the Alamance County Court. He has held this position for over seven years. James Roberson attended East Carolina University for undergraduate school and then Wake Forest University School of Law.

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Page 45. " I drove down to Graham, which was about ten minutes away from Burlington. "

Graham, North Carolina is a quaint city in Alamance County. Despite it’s size, Graham is the county seat of Alamance County where the Alamance County Courthouse is located. To give one an actual perception of how small Graham is, the most recent census from 2008 shows that Graham only has approximately 14,500 people. However, Graham is home to a school of higher education in Alamance Community College. 

Map of North Carolina Highlighting Alamance County
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Page 45. " Graham, they told me, was the county seat, so if the charges were deemed serious enough at probable cause, the case would be tried in Alamance County Superior Court. "

The Alamance County Superior Courthouse is located in Graham, North Carolina, the county seat of Alamance County. The counties of North Carolina are grouped into 46 superior court districts, which in turn are grouped into eight divisions. The Superior Court has jurisdiction in all felony and some misdemeanor cases. The Alamance County Superior Court is District 15A and can be found on West Elm Street in Graham. The Alamance County Superior Court deals with types of cases such as civil, criminal, domestic relations, juvenile, mental health, and probate. 

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Page 50. " At least once a week all the way up to when the trail ended, I’d put in calls to the Burlington Police Department. "

The Burlington Police Department is located in Burlington, North Carolina. Burlington is located in the center of North Carolina. The Police Administration is made up of a Chief of Police, Michael I. Williams, and two Assistant Chiefs. The Chief of Police is the Chief Executive Officer. The Assistant Chiefs command the Operations Bureau. The Police Administration staff are members in professional law enforcement organizations. The Burlington Police Department monitors North Carolina legislative actions which include new laws, legislative activity regarding law enforcement matters, and other information from the North Carolina General Assembly. The Burlington Police Department is a Nationally Accredited Agency.

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Police Department
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