affidavit (p. 169)
Albeit (p. 187)
Amiable (p. 56)
appellate (p. 167)
a court of law empowered to hear an appeal
Arraignment (p. 55)
a meeting in which a prisoner is called before a court to answer an indictment
articulate (p.46)
capable of speaking fluently and coherently
Audacity (p. 29)
boldness or arrogance
Audible (p 35)
easily heard
Belied (p 34)
hid or gave a false impression
Bond (p. 85)
Document that guarantees defendant will attend court hearings if released on bail
bravado (p. 47)
exaggerated courage
Cesspool (p. 85)
A well or pit for receiving and/or containing sewage
Clemency (p.270)
Disposition to show forbearance, compassion, or forgiveness in judging or punishing; leniency; mercy
coltish (p. 192)
full of energy
Concerted (p. 279)
Contrived or arranged by agreement; planned or devised together
consolidate (p 122)
to bring together
Contours (p 11)
An outline
contraband (p. 203)
illegally transported goods
Definitiveness (p 13)
Most reliable or complete
Deviate (p 34)
to change from a predetermined plan or routine
downiness (p. 197)
elicited (p. 131)
to bring out
ellipsis (p. 49)
the omission
embolden (p. 48)
to show courage or confidence
Exonerate (p 219)
release from prison with all charges dropped; innocent
facade (p 24)
front of a building that catches ones attention
Fluorescent (p 23)
glaringly bright or glowing
grimaced (p. 131)
a facial expression showing pain or disgust
Hordes (p 3)
A large group or number
illuminated (p.17)
to be lit up or more clear
Imploring (p 14)
To beg urgently
Impunity (p. 53)
exemption from punishment
incarcerate (p. 167)
incinerator (p. 169)
indicted (p. 206)
formally accused
indigent (p. 166)
poor, needy
Infatuation (p 23)
the state of being passionate about someone or something
Innocuous (p 215)
introspective (p. 193)
reflective of yourself
Jowly (p. 32)
double-chinned, thick in the chin region
Latent (p 25)
hidden; innactive
Litigating (p. 177)
To make part of a law case
Marshal (p. 26)
to summon
Meticulous (p. 26)
Very careful and precise
MO (p. 132)
modus operandi - indicates a single criminal in multiple crimes
Modular (p. 258)
Composed of standardized units or sections for easy construction or flexible arrangement
Muscadine (p. 87)
Grape found in the southern United States with thick skin
muumuu (p. 192)
a loose, brightly colored dress
Ornate (p. 59)
penitentiary (p. 169)
peremptory challenge (p 123)
A right used by the prosecution and defense to reject biased jurors
perpetual (p. 14)
continuing, never-ending, long lasting
Plea Bargain (p. 84)
Agreement between prosecutor and defendant in which the defendant is allowed to plead guilty to a lesser charge in order to avoid being convicted of a more serious crime
plumb (p. 20)
to examine or look at closely
Prosecutor (p. 126)
the person pursuing charges on the offender
Prosecutorial (p. 255)
Of or pertaining to a prosecutor or prosecution
psyche (p 24)
the mental state of a person
Razzed (p 219)
teased; made fun of
Reverberated (p 237)
Revving (p. 84)
Increase strength or accelerate suddenly
Scaffolding (p 44)
temporary structure used to hold other stuff up while something is in the process of being built
Scant (p. 276)
Barely sufficient in amount or quantity; not abundant; almost inadequate
sensate (p. 14)
apparent by the senses
Sequestration (p. 59)
Sodomized (p 40)
anal sex with someone
Squalls (p. 30)
violent uprisings or torrents
Squatness (p. 185)
Being close to the ground and wide, as in a building
Statute (p 230)
steadfastly (p124)
Stoically (p 212)
calm, professional, classy
sundry (p 124)
surreptitiously (p. 15)
acting in a sneaky or secret way
Symposium (p. 255)
A meeting or conference for the discussion of some subject, especially a meeting at which several speakers talk on or discuss a topic before an audience
throngs (p. 53)
a large group or crowd
venire (p 123)
pool of people from which a jury is selected
Vertigo (p 14)
A dizzying sensation of tilting within stable surroundings
voir-dire (p. 129)
"trial within a trial" - a hearing to determine the value and admissibility of a witness, juror, or evidence