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Page 95. " It was a clear January morning when we drove up to Central Prison, just past downtown Raleigh. "
Central Prison 1884
Creative Commons AttributionCentral Prison 1884
Central Prison, located in Raleigh, NC, is a structure, completed by inmates in December 1884 for just $1.25 million.  Since then, the building has undergone $37.4 million worth of renovations.  The prison currently has an inmate capacity of 1000 males.  They must be 22 years of age or older and have a sentence of greater than 20 years.  The inmates are provided with job assignments, adult education, therapy sessions, team sports, and worship services if they choose to participate.  The facility is operated by the North Carolina Department of Correction and sits on 29 acres of land, almost all of which is bound by a double wire fence with a razor ribbon top. 

Submitted by student author, Kelsey Weiss