"Rapunzel Rapunzel"

Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeRapunzel - Credit: Kay Körner
 Rapunzel is a character from the fairy tale of the same name, made famous by the Brothers Grimm. A man and his pregnant wife live next door to a walled garden owned by a witch. To satisfy his wife's cravings, the man climbs the wall and steals vegetables from the witch's garden. The witch catches him and lets him go only with the promise that he will give her the child when it is born. The witch raises the child as her own, but shuts her away in a high tower with no stairs or door, and only one window. The witch gains access to the tower by calling out 'Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair' and then climbing the long golden locks that Rapunzel lowers down to her. One day a prince hears Rapunzel singing in her tower. He watches the witch climb Rapunzel's hair, and when she leaves he calls to Rapunzel to lower her hair and climbs it to enter the tower. He asks Rapunzel to marry him and on his many subsequent visits to her they plan their escape. But before they can leave the witch sees that Rapunzel is pregnant (or, in some versions, she gives away that the prince visits her). The witch cuts off Rapunzel's hair and casts her out into the wilderness. When the prince next visits, the witch lowers Rapunzel's severed hair and he climbs up, only to be confronted by the witch. He leaps (or is pushed) from the tower and is blinded by the thorns that he falls into. He too wanders the wilderness until one day he is reunited with Rapunzel and her tears of joy restore his sight.