"Weep, Weep, the great god Pan is dead"

Pan teaching Daphnis to play the flute
Public DomainPan teaching Daphnis to play the flute - Credit: Haiduc
In Greek mythology, Pan is a rustic nature god, protector of flocks, forests, mountains, hunting and all wild things. His top half is human, but he has the hindquarters and legs of a goat, complete with hooves. He is bearded with goat horns on his head. He is a sexual figure, often depicted with a phallus, and is associated with fertility and spring. He is a lover of nymphs and delights in rustic music, as shown by his famous pan-pipes. There is a tale that Pan is one of the few gods to die, and the news of his death was delivered to a sailor, by a voice on the breeze calling out "The great god Pan is dead!"