Page 212. " Francis Tugwell "

Francis Tugwell and his book Anenomes of the British Coast are fictional and created by Byatt.

Page 212. " Ash's friend Michelet "

 Jules Michelet (1798 - 1874), was a French historian who also wrote several works based on nature that were 'half science, half fancy, with a blending in both of sensuous suggestion'.


Page 213. " Eolis pellucida "

This is a list of marine creatures. You can discover more about them on the Marine Species Identification website.

Page 214. " Professor Huxley's paper on 'The Persistent Types of Animal Life' "

 Thomas Henry Huxley (1825 - 1895), was an English biologist and a Fellow of the Royal Society. Nicknamed 'Darwin's Bulldog' for being an aggressive defender of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, his reaction to the idea of natural selection was "How extremely stupid not to have thought of that!". He was also the man who coined the term agnostic in 1869, to describe his own beliefs.