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Richmond, England
Star and Garter Hotel, Richmond, Surrey
Creative Commons AttributionStar and Garter Hotel, Richmond, Surrey - Credit: trialsanderrors

Situated on a meander of the River Thames, the town of Richmond, formerly in the county of Surrey, is now part of the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

The coming of the railway to Richmond on the 27th of July 1846, (with the Richmond and West End Railway) would have led to greater accessibility, and an increase in population. Currently, the population of Richmond stands at  more than 20,000 people.

To the east and south of the town lies Richmond Park, a wild area of heath and woodland, where red and fallow deer wander free. Within the park stand several large buildings, such as Pembroke Lodge and White Lodge. To the north lies Old Deer Park, with its recreation grounds.

Rising southwards from Richmond Bridge is Richmond Hill with its stunning views.  Also situated here is the Royal Star and Garter home (formerly the Star and Garter Hotel).  Mount Ararat Road, where Christabel LaMotte lived with Blanche Glover, is a real road still in existence, lined with many Victorian houses, as well as new-builds.