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North Yorkshire
Locomotive on North Yorkshire Moors Railway
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeLocomotive on North Yorkshire Moors Railway - Credit: John S Turner

 North Yorkshire, where Randolph Henry Ash and Christabel LaMotte travelled together, is a country of moors and dales, picturesque coastal towns, interesting beaches and bays.

The old town of Scarborough, on the North Sea coast, is situated around a harbour and protected by a rocky headland. The town is famous for the ballad Scarborough Fair, and for the 11th century ruins of Scarborough Castle. Scarborough's first hotel was opened on the 10th of June 1845. Filey, historically a fishing village, is part of the borough of Scarborough.

The town of Whitby, 47 miles from York, is famous for its ancient Whitby Abbey and Whitby jet. Robin Hood's Bay is a small fishing village with a maze of tiny, steep streets and a bay. It is located 5 miles south of Whitby. Flamborough Head is a promontory of 8 miles on the North Sea coast.

Street in Robin Hoods Bay
Creative Commons AttributionStreet in Robin Hoods Bay - Credit: Thomas Tolkien