Page 152. " Supposing a clerk with a sharp lawyer was injured against a waterfountain "

Guardian of Law by James Earle Fraser, US Supreme Court.jpg
Public DomainGuardian of Law by James Earle Fraser, US Supreme Court.jpg - Credit: Daderot
Pointing out the danger of a law suit society, where somewhere is so obsessed with getting sued they remove the excess water fountains. For an intersting account of this see the new documentary 'Scams, claims and compensation games'.

Page 154. " I want to resign "

 The story goes that Black Sparrow press offered Bukowski $100 a month to come and write for them, he quit his job at the Post office and wrote 'Post Office' in the first month".

Letter of Resignation of Richard M. Nixon, 1974.jpg
Public DomainLetter of Resignation of Richard M. Nixon, 1974.jpg

Page 155. " The trapping season in bayou only lasts from December through February. I've already lost a month "

Bayou La Fourche is  an ancient waterway that runs from the Mississipi to the gulf of Mexico. As with new Orleans the main town is protected by levees from the Sea, it was damaged by hurricane Katrina but not to the same extent. The Bayou La Fourch area is currently undergoing an environmental disater in the form of salinisation and coastal erosion, to find out more see the work of 'Restore our Bayou'

Page 157. " Mad as a March Hare "

It is belived that Hares act excited and hyperactive in March becasue this is usually their  mating season. It is saying which has been in circulation for a long time.  

Alice in Wonderland - Lewis Caroll "The March Hare ... as this is May, it won't be raving mad - at least not so mad as it was in March."