Page 27. " Just house after house with well kept lawns "
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Post war America saw an urban geography phenomena coined the “White Flight”. This was a migration of the middle classes to suburban settlements; there has been a large amount of criticism of this as it often led to social exclusion and racial segregation, often ghettoising inner city areas. Government policy supported the movement through investing in large amounts of infrastructure to allow the ‘flight’, including urban highways.


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Bukowski was very ugly: As described by Mike Miliard

"Charles Bukowski’s face was a work of art — a gnarled expanse of hills and valleys and craters, plastered over with acne and pustules, spotted with wiry whiskers, bloated by a deluge of booze, and yellowed by an all-enveloping smoke. It was a face only a mother could love".



Page 31. " The whiskey and beer ran out of me, fountained from the armpits "

The booze keeps flowing out through your skin the next day.

Page 31. " It was an advertisment! 4th class mail "

4th class mail is generally know as junk mail. People love to hate junk mail and there are whole sites dedicated to ridiculing bad junk mail. The volume of junk mail has  been a hinderance to postal services, to obtain a 'bulk mail' permit in the United States the mail must adhere to certain specification to make it easier for the sorters and carriers. Something I'm sure Bukowski would have approved of.

Page 34. " His eyes looked like dull bits of clay dropped into the eye sockets "

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Bukowski often talked about how meanial jobs could be soul destroying. There are many ways to avoid the soul destruction and keeping creative.

Page 36. " Half the mothers in America, with their precious big pussies and their precious little daughters, half the mothers in america have dirty minds. Tell her to shove it, G.G. can't get his pecker hard, you know that "

This is after one of Chinaski's colleagues gets accused of being a paedophile after giving sweets to a little girl. The boss agrees with the mother defending his stance by saying the “publics dynamite”. It is currently a big topic in the UK, creating heated debate, with new laws being put forward to vet anybody who come into contact with children.


Page 43. " I had a long run of luck at the race track "

Bukowski spent alot of his time trying to make money at the racecouse

Page 44. " I thought you bitches were always screaming for equal rights "

As Michael Greenberg discusses in the Boston Review "Bukowski's impatience with trust funders, wannabes, feminists, bourgeois liberals, and almost every other writer in the world" He was scathing of feminism. For detailed analysis of Bukowskis use of female characters see Korhonen.

Page 45. " The next thing knew I had a young girl from Texas on my lap "
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Bukowski married Joyce, she was the daughter of a millionaire and is based on the real life Barbara Frye, who was born into money and also wrote poerty
Page 46. " I drove her to Vegas for a cheap wedding "

Las Vegas is famous for cheap weddings; the idea has been an important narrative tool for a number of recent comedy films. Such as The Hangover.


  It is the easiest city in the world to get married.

Page 49. " I could hear their feet on the ground. There were 3 of them, big ones, just like in the movies, and they were running, they were coming fast "

The American Bison is often mistaken for a Buffalo, but it is still a formidable beast.