Page 77. " She gave me a dirty look and walked off. I knew she has smelled whiskey on my breath "

Chinaski was 'pulling a sicky', taking a day off work becasue of excess drinking, something a lot of people have done at some stage during their life. So much so that certain companies have introduced 'Duvet Days'.

Page 84. " He wasn't playing Dixie on the harmonica. The damm fool was serious "

Dixie was a very famous song in America in the 19th century associated with the southern confederacy during the Civil War. With the Civil rights movement it became highly politicised, seen as an offensive song due to its roots in a racist past. It has often been boycotted for this reason.

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Page 86. " I had read somewhere that you could learn with your subconcioius while sleeping "

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Learning while you sleep was first mentioned in the 1911 novel 'Ralph 124C+ by Hugo Gernsback. It has been the topic of much debate. Some profess its value while others see the idea as fantastical.


Page 90. " Those damm fools! Don't they know any better? If you drink all this stuff it will kill you! "

Betty did die from all the alcohol abuse, it is commonly believed that the character Betty was based on Bukowski's first true love, Jane Cooney Baker.