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Lake District from the summit of Helvellyn
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeLake District from the summit of Helvellyn - Credit: Diliff, Wikipedia Commons


Lake District
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeLake District - Credit: Peter.Lorre, Flickr

The Lake District, in the northwest of England, is famous for its many lakes and mountains.


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By the end of the 18th century it was already becoming a tourist attraction, partly because of its breathtaking views and partly because wars in the rest of Europe reduced the possibility and attraction of travelling to the continent.

With tourism increasing, many books were published on the region; for example, William Wordsworth wrote the first edition of A Complete Guide to the Lakes (1810), comprising detailed directions with Wordsworth's description of the scenery and three letters on the geology of the Lake District by the Rev. Professor Sedgwick.

Page 153. " in search of the Parsonage "
Creative Commons AttributionParsonage - Credit: lakbdesign/fergusandme, Flickr

The parsonage or rectory is the house provided by the Church to the clergyman of a given parish. The word derives from 'parson', meaning clergyman. 

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Italian playing cards
Public DomainItalian playing cards

Cassino is a card game of a fishing variety for two to four players. It is of Italian origin, emerging at the end of the 18th century.


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Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeGig - Credit: pmarkham, Flickr
A gig is a small two-wheeled carriage pulled by a single horse.