Page 205. " as Dawson does not object to the Barouche box "

A barouche was a four-wheeled carriage pulled by two horses with two double seats facing one another in the interior.  

The barouche box was the raised seat for the driver.

Page 205. " two young women travelling post by themselves "

To travel by post meant to travel in a hired carriage (similar to a diligence), usually with strangers. It was the public transport of the day. These hired carriages had fixed places to change horses, so they could make good speed.

Page 206. " Bromley "
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeBromley - Credit: Matthew Black, Flickr
In Austen's time, Bromley was part of Kent and on a coaching route into London. It became a part of Greater London in 1965. Lady Catherine assumes that the carriage will change horses here.


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Page 211. " Brighton "
Royal Pavilion in Brighton
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeRoyal Pavilion in Brighton - Credit: Flamenc, Wikipedia Commons

 Brighton is a town on the coast of East Sussex, in South East England. In the early 19th century, the Prince Regent commissioned the Royal Pavilion in Brighton. Many militia camps were held there as the Prince Regent reviewed them himself. By the end of the 18th century, it had become a fashionable sea resort.

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