Page 255. " Spanish chestnuts which were scattered over the intermediate lawn "
Very old Spanish chestnut
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeVery old Spanish chestnut - Credit: sara~, Flickr

 Spanish chestnuts (Castanea sativa), also called sweet chestnut or marron, are long-lived trees cultivated around the globe for their nuts.


Sweet chestnuts out of their shells
Creative Commons AttributionSweet chestnuts out of their shells - Credit: SimonDeanMedia, Flickr
Page 261. " Gretna Green "
Old Blacksmith of Gretna Green
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeOld Blacksmith of Gretna Green - Credit: amandabhslater, Flickr

 Gretna Green is a small Scottish village just across the border from England.

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As the laws regarding marriage differed in England and Scotland, underaged English couples who wished to marry without their parents' consent would traditionally elope to Gretna Green. Scottish law also permitted weddings to be conducted by almost anybody, so long as there were two witnesses. Consequently, many weddings were performed at the old blacksmith's.

Page 261. " He did trace them easily to Clapham "
Clapham common
Creative Commons AttributionClapham common - Credit: rp72, Flickr

 Clapham is in South London.


Clapham location
GNU Free Documentation LicenseClapham location - Credit: DavidCane, Wikipedia Commons

Page 261. " they removed into a hackney-coach "
Hackney-coach, about 1800
Public DomainHackney-coach, about 1800 - Credit: Henry Charles Moore

Hackney-coaches were carriages for hire, like today's taxis.

There were many hackney-coaches on the streets and they all looked alike, making it difficult to trace the movements of any particular one.

Page 261. " dismissed the chaise that brought them from Epsom "

Epsom is a town in northeast Surrey, just southwest of London.

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Page 262. " Barnet "
Cool Oak Lane, Barnet
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeCool Oak Lane, Barnet - Credit: mark.hogan, Flickr

 Barnet is now a part of North London. Colonel Forster looks here as Mr Wickham and Lydia might have stopped in Barnet if they were on their way to Scotland. It is also en route to Longbourn.

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Page 262. " Hatfield "

 Hatfield is a town in Hertfordshire, on the way from London to Longbourn.

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