Page 301. " We were married you know, at St Clement's, because Wickham's lodgings were in that parish "
St Clement now
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeSt Clement now - Credit: stevecadman, Flickr
St. Clement's Church, Clement's Lane - 1831
Public DomainSt. Clement's Church, Clement's Lane - 1831 - Credit: Thomas Hosmer Shepherd

St Clement's here must be the St Clement Eastcheap church, located on Clement's Lane in the City of London.

The other St Clement church in London, St Clement Danes, is located in Westminster and it is doubtful that Mr Wickham had his lodgings there.

Page 322. " Scarborough "
Scarborough - North Bay
Creative Commons AttributionScarborough - North Bay - Credit: Gidzy, Flickr
 Scarborough is a town on the coast of North Yorkshire.


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