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Scotney Castle, Lamberhurst
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeScotney Castle, Lamberhurst - Credit: Lincolnian (Brian), Flickr

Because of its fertile, abundant fields, Kent has been called "The Garden of England".

Creative Commons AttributionOrchard - Credit: burge5000, Flickr









The 1,150 square mile county was home to 1.7 million people in 2008, but only 307,624 in 1801 (still 3 times more than Hertfordshire in the same period).






Wye field
Creative Commons AttributionWye field - Credit: whereareyousimon, Flickr

Half the border of Kent is its coast; Sussex lies to the south, Surrey to the west, Greater London to the north-west and Essex to the north.


Public DomainKent - Credit: Wereon, Wikipedia Commons













Leeds Castle
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeLeeds Castle - Credit: Diliff, Wikipedia Commons