"The flood of Noah, the birth of Christ, the coming of Charlemagne – all coincide with the return to the Fiery Trigon."
Birth of Christ, adoration of the Magi
Public DomainBirth of Christ, adoration of the Magi - Credit: wikimedia commons

According to astrologers and historians, there had been six Greatest Conjunctions since the Creation. The first was during the life of Enoch, an early biblical figure who was said to be the great grandson of Adam and the great grandfather of Noah. Rather than suffering a mortal death he was taken directly by God at the end of his life.

Another Greatest Conjunction came during Noah’s flood, when God inundated the sin-ridden world. He ordered Noah to build an ark to escape the waters, and to collect on it two of every animal for the repopulation that would follow.

Charlemagne and Pope Adrian I
Public DomainCharlemagne and Pope Adrian I - Credit: wikimedia commons
A third came when Moses received the Ten Commandments, a list of rules given by God to his people.

The fourth came when the ten tribes left Israel; the fifth coincided with the birth of Christ.

The sixth came during the reign of Charlemagne, the Frankish king and Holy Roman Emperor who united much of Western Europe and converted non-believers to Christianity, and whose reign began a revival of art, culture and religion known as the Carolingian Renaissance.