"A defence of your beloved Copernicus, then."
Public DomainCopernicus - Credit: wikimedia commons

 Copernicus was a Renaissance astronomer, the first to put forward a comprehensive theory of an astronomical model in which the Earth and other planets orbit a stationary Sun. His book De revolutionibus orbium coelestium, published in 1543 just before his death, is seen as the beginning of modern astronomy and the start of a scientific revolution. At this point in history the general understanding of the universe placed the Earth at the centre, with all other heavenly bodies orbiting around it. When the Catholic Church ruled that heliocentral views of the universe (those which place the Sun at the centre) were to be considered against the faith, Copernicus' writings were banned.


Copernicus' understanding of the solar system
Public DomainCopernicus' understanding of the solar system - Credit: wikimedia commons