"her solution is to move the court earlier than usual to her central London palace at Whitehall"

The Palace of Whitehall, 1675
Public DomainThe Palace of Whitehall, 1675 - Credit: Hendrik Danckerts
 Whitehall Palace was the main London residence of the Queen. Originally it was the property of a 13th century Archbishop of York, who called it York Place. Later, it was the home of Cardinal Wolsey.  In 1530, when King Henry VIII removed Wolsey from power, he took York Place as his own. He extended and rebuilt parts of the palace, adding areas for tennis and jousting, a bowling green and a cock-fighting pit. The palace replaced Westminster as his main residence. By 1691 it had grown into the largest palace in Europe. Only parts of the palace still remain, incorporated into newer buildings in the Whitehall government complex.