"the queen’s mother, Anne Boleyn"

Anne Boleyn
Public DomainAnne Boleyn - Credit: wikimedia commons

 Anne Boleyn was Catherine of Aragon’s maid of honour, and the second wife of Henry VIII after he divorced Catherine. Anne Boleyn was the mother of Elizabeth, but failed to give Henry a male heir. After three miscarriages, Henry was courting Jane Seymour and wanted Anne out of the picture. He had her investigated for treason, and she was tried in the Tower of London on charges of adultery and incest. She was found guilty, and executed four days later by beheading. Most Catholics believed that since Henry’s divorce of Catherine was not sanctioned by the Church, he could not be properly married to Anne Boleyn. This meant that in their eyes, and the eyes of the Catholic Church, Elizabeth was illegitimate and so could not be heir to the throne.