"He is shouting something about King Saul and the Witch of Endor"

The Witch of Endor summons Samuel
Public DomainThe Witch of Endor summons Samuel - Credit: wikimedia commons

The Witch of Endor was the medium who called up the ghost of the prophet Samuel for King Saul in the Old Testament. Samuel was a leader of Israel and a prophet, who anointed the first two kings of the land: Saul and David. Before his death, Samuel warned the Israelites that if they began to worship idols or other gods, God would punish them by letting foreign invaders destroy them. After Samuel’s death, Saul drove all witches and magicians from Israel. But when the Philistines massed against him, and God would give him no answer as to how best to act, he desperately sought the aid of a witch. When Samuel’s spirit was raised, he berated King Saul for disobeying God, and prophesied that his army would be defeated and he would soon be dead. The next day Saul’s army was defeated, his three sons were killed, and he threw himself on his own sword.