"The Howards are descended from Edward Plantagenet, the first English king of that name."

Edward Plantagenet (Edward I of England)
Public DomainEdward Plantagenet (Edward I of England) - Credit: wikimedia commons

Edward Plantagenet (Edward I) was King of England between 1272 and 1307. He helped his father put down the barons’ rebellions, and took part in a crusade to the Holy Land. His father died while he was travelling home, and on his return he was crowned king. As king he conquered Wales and began a war with Scotland, expelled all Jews from England, reformed laws, and permanently established Parliament. Modern historians are divided as to whether he was a good king or not, but his subjects regarded him as the medieval ideal of a soldier king and man of faith. He is also known as Edward Longshanks (due to his great height) and the Hammer of the Scots.