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Elizabethan London
An Elizabethan house on Grub Street, London
Public DomainAn Elizabethan house on Grub Street, London - Credit: wikimedia commons

London was the principal city, a crowded, bustling, noisy, smelly and incredibly dirty place. It was a centre of international trade, and the River Thames would have been packed with boats and ships of all sizes. The houses, taverns and shops were built of wood and packed in close together, a big fire risk. A huge variety of shops lined the streets, from bakers and cloth merchants to apothecaries (pharmacists) and barber-surgeons. Pedlars and street vendors would cry their wares on the streets.

Just outside the city, in the richer areas, stood the palace and the homes of wealthy, important nobles. Inside the city, the area of Southwark (see map below) was renowned for its inns, prostitutes, theatres, and bear-baiting pits.