"I saw that the lodge was uninhabited"
Menabilly Gatehouse
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeMenabilly Gatehouse - Credit: Chris J. Dixon

A lodge is a small house used by landowners on a temporary basis for activities such as hunting and shooting. It was also the name given to any small house in the grounds of a larger house that might be lived in by employees such as gamekeepers, gardeners and gatekeepers. 

Here, the term is used to describe the house at the entrance to Manderley, which would have been occupied by the gatekeeper. Gatehouses/lodges are often architecturally interesting and attractive (sometimes designed in the mock-rustic style known as cottage orné) and have become sought-after residences in their own right.


Cottage orné lodge of Gaunts House, Dorset, England
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeCottage orné-style lodge of Gaunts House, Dorset, England - Credit: Chris Downer