"Isn't there a minstrels' gallery at Manderley"
Musicians' Gallery at St. Grwst Church, Llanrwst, Wales
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeMusicians' Gallery at St. Grwst Church, Llanrwst, Wales - Credit: Eirian Evans

A minstrels' gallery is a type of balcony built over a great hall or banqueting room. Its purpose was to allow musicians to entertain guests whilst remaining out of sight.

In Britain, minstrels' galleries can be seen at the Great Hall of Durham Castle (which is part of the University of Durham) and at Greystoke Castle in Cumbria.

Similar arrangements may be found in some churches, although it is likely that the term used within the church setting would be musicians' gallery, rather than minstrels' gallery. In the picture (left) of the musicians' gallery at the church of St. Grwst at Llanrwst, the front part of the gallery is the rood screen which once belonged to Maenan Abbey.