"and the Vandykes on the walls"
'Self-portrait with a Sunflower'
Public Domain'Self-portrait with a Sunflower' - Credit: Anthony van Dyck
Queen Henrietta Maria with Sir Jeffrey Hudson
Public DomainQueen Henrietta Maria with Sir Jeffrey Hudson - Credit: Anthony van Dyck

 Sir Anthony van Dyck (1599-1641) was born in Antwerp in what is now Belgium. Following periods spent working in Flanders and in Italy, he eventually settled in England in 1632. There he was given a knighthood, and appointed principal portrait painter in the court of Charles I.

He is estimated to have painted 40 portraits of King Charles himself, and about 30 of his wife, Queen Henrietta Maria.


'Jupiter and Antiope'
Public Domain'Jupiter and Antiope' - Credit: Anthony van Dyck