"They upset a little china cupid who had hitherto stood alone on the desk"
Porcelain ornament depicting Mercury and Cupid (c.1770)
Public DomainPorcelain ornament depicting Mercury and Cupid (c.1770) - Credit: User:FA2010
Wood relief depicting Cupid
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeWood relief depicting Cupid - Credit: GFreihalter

In Roman mythology, Cupid (sometimes known as Amor) is the god of erotic love. He is often depicted carrying a bow and arrow.  His Greek equivalent is Eros.

Cupid is sometimes portrayed in painting and sculpture as a slender youth, but also on occasions as a chubby winged baby or very young boy,  carrying a bow and quiver of arrows. The latter depictions are known as putti or amorini.


'Cupid with Flowers'
Public Domain'Cupid with Flowers' - Credit: Annibale Carraci (photo: Sailko)