"That naked eucalyptus tree stifled by brambles looked like the white bleached limb of a skeleton"


Eucalyptus tree in W.Sussex
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeEucalyptus tree in W.Sussex - Credit: Dave Spicer
GNU Free Documentation LicenseKoala - Credit: Summi

 Eucalyptus is a genus of flowering trees and shrubs which contains more than 700 species. It is particularly prevalent in Australia (where Eucalyptus trees are known as gumtrees), with only 15 species being native to other parts of the world. Australian Eucalyptus species were introduced to other parts of the world from the late 18th century onwards. 

The Koala (Phascolartos cinerus), one of Australia's native marsupials, lives almost entirely on eucalyptus leaves.