"He would wear a stiff Norfolk jacket and a round white collar"
Fashion plate of Norfolk jacket (1906)
Public DomainFashion plate of Norfolk jacket (1906) - Credit: unknown

 Norfolk jackets are loose, single-breasted jackets with box pleats at the back and front, and either a full or half-belt. The Prince of Wales (who later became King Edward VII) and his sporting circle began wearing them in the 1860s, and they also came to be worn by young boys. They remain popular for country pursuits such as shooting. The jacket is thought to be named either after the Duke of Norfolk or after Norfolk, the English county.

A round collar is one whose two sections are rounded rather than tapering to a point. They are sometimes known as club collars, Eton collars (because they were worn as part of the uniform at Eton School) or golf collars.

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Little boy wearing a Norfolk jacket (Australia c. 1917)
Public DomainLittle boy wearing a Norfolk jacket (Australia c. 1917) - Credit: unknown