"the drummer rattled his sticks in the inevitable prelude to God Save the King"
George V in coronation robes
Public DomainGeorge V in coronation robes - Credit: Luke Fildes

 God Save the King (or God Save the Queen) is the national anthem of Britain and Northern Ireland, and is also used in various Commonwealth countries and British Crown dependencies. Wales has its own national anthem, Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau ('Land of My Fathers'), and Scotland will sometimes use songs such as 'Flower of Scotland' or 'Scotland the Brave'.

The author of the lyrics of God Save the King/Queen (which may vary from version to version) has not been identified, nor has the composer of the melody (although it is sometimes attributed to Thomas Arne or Henry Carey). During the late 1920s or early 30s, the period in which Rebecca is set (see bookmark p.321), the reigning British monarch would have been George V.


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