"Just the sort of thing a Communist would do"
Cartoon published in the 'Daily Worker' (c.1934)
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeCartoon published in the 'Daily Worker' (c.1934) - Credit: Jacob Burck (photo by Palosirkka)

 Communism as a political force developed from the mid-19th century onwards. The first clearly-defined Communist party was the Bolshevik party, which seized power in the Russian Revolution of 1917.

The Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB) was founded in 1920. Four members of the CPGB became Members of Parliament: two in 1922, one in 1935, and one in 1945, although the 1922 duo were, in fact, elected as Labour MPs. Support for the party declined from the 1960s onwards, and it was formally disbanded in 1991.

In 1930, the CPGB launched its own newspaper, the Daily Worker, which changed ownership in 1945 and was relaunched as the Morning Star in 1966. It is still published today.