Page 140. " She began to talk about a walking holiday they had taken once, years ago, in the Pennines "


The Pennine Way at Torside Clough (Derbyshire)
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeThe Pennine Way at Torside Clough (Derbyshire) - Credit: John Fielding

 The Pennines is a mountain range sometimes described as 'the backbone of England'. It consists of two areas known as the North Pennines and the South Pennines. The boundaries of the range are not clear cut, but it runs roughly from the northern edge of the Peak District in the south to the Tyne Valley in the north. The North Pennines' eastern and western boundaries are Darlington and Carlisle, while the eastern and western boundaries of the Southern Pennines are the towns of West and South Yorkshire and the Forest of Rossendale.

It is possible to walk the whole length of the Pennines along The Pennine Way National Trail which extends for 268 miles. Plans for the trail were put forward in 1935, and its final section was opened in 1965. Click here to see a map of the Pennine Way National Trail.

The Pennine Way across Fawcett Moor (North Yorkshire)
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeThe Pennine Way across Fawcett Moor (North Yorkshire) - Credit: John Lucas
Page 140. " thinking they were something like the Andes "
Chilean Andes (Torres del Paine)
Public DomainChilean Andes (Torres del Paine) - Credit: Officer or employee of the U.S. Government

 The Andes is a vast mountain range on the western coast of South America. It extends through seven countries, from Venezuela in the north, through Columbia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, to Chile and Argentina in the south.

Click here to see a map of South America's western coast.

The Andes are, of course, nothing like the Pennines!

Page 146. " Near Edgecoombe, about forty miles up channel "

As Manderley is located around Menabilly near Fowey on the south Cornish coast (see bookmark p.1), we can assume that 'forty miles up channel' means 40 miles to the east of Fowey, and that the 'channel' is the English Channel.

Edgecoombe may be based on the ancient manor house known as Edgecombe Manor in the village of Milton Abbot in Devon, located between Launceston and Tavistock.

There is also a coastal town called Salcombe in the district of Devon, about 65 miles from Fowey by road.


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Page 147. " it always reminds me of the path in the forest in a Grimm's fairy tale, where the prince gets lost "
Collection of 'Grimm's Fairy Tales'
Creative Commons AttributionCollection of 'Grimm's Fairy Tales' - Credit: kevin

 Grimm's Fairy Tales is a collection of over 200 German fairy tales written by two brothers, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. The first volume was published in 1812 under the title Kinder-und Hausmärchen (Children's and Household Tales).

Many of the stories remain favourites with children, including Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella, Snow White and The Frog Prince.