Page 176. " It was not Frank's Morris "
Morris Minor saloon 1932
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeMorris Minor saloon 1932 - Credit: Lars-Goren Lindgren
Morris Minor fabric saloon 1928
Public DomainMorris Minor fabric saloon 1928 - Credit: unknown

 Morris Motors was established in Oxford in 1912. By 1924, with a factory in Coventry, it became Britain's largest car manufacturer. The company entered the small car market in 1928 with the launch of the Morris Minor, which was produced until 1934.

The Morris Minor is possibly the sort of small, reasonably-priced car which would have belonged to Frank Crawley, Maxim de Winter's agent (the individual who manages a country estate on behalf of its owner) at Manderley.

Page 190. " The picture hung in the Academy "
Royal Academy of Arts, London (19th century)
Public DomainRoyal Academy of Arts, London (19th century) - Credit: William Shipley

The Royal Academy of Arts (RA) is based at Burlington House on London's Piccadilly. It is a privately-funded institution whose function is to support and foster the visual arts.

Amongst its many activities are the regular hosting of temporary-loan exhibitions, and an annual summer exhibition of new art. Traditionally, the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition is an important event in London's cultural calendar.


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Page 191. " This chinchilla she wore in the evenings mostly "
Ina Claire wearing a chinchilla coat in 'The Greeks had a Word for Them' (1932)
Public DomainIna Claire wearing a chinchilla coat in 'The Greeks had a Word for Them' (1932) - Credit: film screenshot
Chinchilla lanigera
GNU Free Documentation LicenseChinchilla lanigera - Credit: Guérin Nicolas

 Chinchillas are small rodents which are native to the South American Andes. They possess a particularly soft and luxurious fur which has been used in the fur trade since the 16th century. Because they are small animals, it can take up to 150 pelts to make a full-length chinchilla coat.

During the 19th century, there was significant over-hunting of the two species of wild chinchilla and their survival was threatened. Today, hunting of wild chinchillas is illegal (although it still occurs) and chinchillas used for commercial purposes are bred on special farms.

Chinchillas may be kept as domestic pets but require very specialised care.